Precision  Razor System

Precision Razor System

Daimon Barber
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We’ve tried the rest and developed the best. Our precision 6 blade razor system provides everything you need for the most comfortable shave:

  • an ergonomically smooth, weighted handle with grooved grip for perfect balance and better control
  • a platinum coated 5 blade cartridge to easily cut through the coarsest hair
  • an aloe and vitamin-E enhanced lubrication strip for a smooth glide without any hair pulling or tugging
  • a pivoted system razor head to follow the natural shape of your face
  • an additional precision trimmer blade to help you tackle hard to reach areas around sideburns and under the nose.

The Razor Set comes elegantly boxed with weighted, non-slip razor handle and 3 x platinum coated 6 blade razor cartridges.

  • “Aid the blade” – pair with our deeply moisturising Honeybee Complex & Propolis Shave Cream to enjoy a truly unrivalled shaving experience.
  • Affordable replacement cartridges are available in packs of four.