The Aveda Remedy Facial

We are excited to officially add the new Aveda Remedy Facial to our service menu! While Rosemont has always made sure to add skin care to our service whenever possible, we've been working to have a proper skin care service since day one. Bringing on such an extensive offering from Aveda has finally allowed us to bring a thorough and detailed facial service to our clients. 

The service begins with a consultation about the current state of your skin and what you'd like to accomplish. Maybe you need more moisture, or potentially need a deeper cleansing to rid your skin of blackheads and blemishes. Or maybe, you just want a refreshing break from the daily hustle (or weekend shenanigans) that your skin has paid the price for. 

After the consultation we'll start with a hot towel and an exfoliating cleanse. Next we'll hit you with a masque based on your needs that will sit under a hot towel to further cleanse and moisturize your skin. You'll be finished with a cold towel, refreshing toner and a hydrating facial moisturizer and then sent home with a travel size bottle of a skin care product of your choice so you can keep up the routine at home. 

This will be a 30 minute service and the cost is a cool $40. Currently it is only being performed by our barbers Matt, Andres and Derek. Hit the link below to book yours now!