Take a Look At the March Subscription Boxes!

Here's a peek at this month's offering for Rosemont's Subscription Boxes. 

In the Accessories Box we've got the To-Go Tumblr from Kinto, the perfect mug to keep your drink hot or cold when your on the go, around the house or out in nature. Then there's the Helix Key Ring from Craighill, a fun and stylish upgrade for all of your keys and fobs. The Single Malt toothpicks from Daneson are the best tasting thing you'll ever use to clean your teeth with, and our Shop Blend from Huckleberry has been a best-seller since its first roast. 

For the Grooming Box we wanted to feature some upgrades and a couple things we know guys aren't using enough. There's the Black Tea Body Wash from Murdock, an excellent step up from your grocery store variety scrub. We also added the A9T comb from Kent, because we know guys rarely think twice about the quality of comb in their drawer. Then there's the Energizing Eye Cream to help these overworked guys get rid of that extra baggage on their face, and the Foot Relief so they're not walking on dried up riverbeds. 

Click any of the links to shop the individual products or subscribe to a box for yourself!