New Subscription Boxes

We are pumped to start offering our very own Rosemont Subscription Boxes! 

The goal here is to get the absolute best in men’s hair care, skin care and home goods to the people who are serious about their grooming and presentation, and also to those who are ready to level up. We’re curating a new collection every month to introduce clients to amazing products that will elevate their routines and their space. 

These boxes are also about saving our clients their hard-earned money. We know that excellent products aren’t cheap, and this box is our way of helping you get your hands on the best for a great deal. With our grooming boxes you’ll be saving $15 or more and with our accessory boxes you’ll be saving at least $25, and often more (nice). 

Of course, we’re also aiming for convenience. We know that life gets hectic which is why we’re taking some (or most) of the work out of creating your best grooming routine or finding thoughtful accessories and home goods. Just pick your box each month and the rest is history. Just enjoy being well styled and groomed for the rest of forever.

So what's in em?

With the Grooming Box you’ll receive 3 to 5 full size grooming products hand-selected to complement each other in your daily routine. This box is a great way to find new favorites while also making sure that you’re never out of high quality grooming goods to keep you looking your best. You'll also receive a unique code for 10% off any items in the box in case you need to restock on your new go-to. This cost for the Grooming Box is $60 per month, with a consistent value of $75 or more. 

For the Accessory Box you’ll me receiving a monthly mix of 3 - 5 accessories of difference sizes and uses. You’ll be treated to hard goods like travel tumblrs, knives, pens, bottle openers, bags and beyond. Excellent for adding great tools and accessories to your daily carry collection or new drink wear and home goods to your space for a steal of a price. LIke the Grooming Box, you'll also receive a unique code for 10% off any item in the box if one (or two) wasn't enough. The cost for the Accessory Box is $75 and is consistently valued at $100 or more, conveniently delivered monthly. 

Click the link below to start your subscription to one or both boxes and level up your look and your space!