New pennants and camp flags

We're real excited about this. New custom camp flags and pennants from Rosemont Barbershop and the amazing Oxford Pennant! 

The camp flag carries Rosemont's slogan of 'Traditional Practices, Modern Techniques' as it's something we hold with us every day in the shop. It means we stand by the tradition of service and dedication to our craft that was created in a bygone era, while still using modern tools and education to help you look and feel your best. If that sentiment holds true for you or your business, then this flag can hang as a stylish reminder of how you operate day in and day out. 18 x my 24" screen printed on wool felt.

The pennant is a timeless addition to any space. With our trademark rose and a classic typeface, this is a great way to add some style to your space and show people that you take your grooming seriously (nobody's out here hanging up a great clips flag). 4 x 9" screen printed on wool felt. 

If you want to take a little bit of Rosemont home with you, stop in today or head to the webstore to get your own Camp Flag or Pennant