New Murdock Sea Salt Paste

We're excited to be offering some new additions in the Murdock line, the first of which being their amazing new Sea Salt Paste! 

With matte styling products becoming the standard in men's styling, Murdock wanted to create a new alternative to the thicker clays and pastes we've become accustomed to. 

What sets the Sea Salt Paste apart is it's light, easily applied consistency paired with a strong hold and a truly matte finish. With most stronger holding matte products, the consistency within the container is already very firm, making it harder to distribute throughout your hair and weighing it down if too much is added. With this new paste, you'll find it incredibly easy to work it into every corner of your 'do with a surprisingly lightweight yet sturdy finish once it dries.  

You can also use the Sea Salt Mousse or Spray as a pre-styler for a perfect shape with a ton of volume. 

Stop in to find out more or hit the webstore if you're ready to give it a shot!