New cancellation policy at Rosemont Barbershop

We wanted to make all of our clients aware that we will be updating our cancellation policy beginning this week. We've seen a significant increase in day-of cancellations and reschedulings (even with the pandemic taken into consideration) and the impact they've created is what encouraged this decision. 

Moving forward, if a guest cancels or reschedules their appointment less than 3 hours before their scheduled time, they will be charged the full appointment price without refund.

We make sure to respect out guest's time and money by providing the best service possible the moment they arrive. We've updated our policy to make sure that we're giving that same respect to our barbers' effort and livelihood. Their income is based solely on the number of services they're able to provide each day, and when a guest cancels a service with little to no notice, it becomes increasingly difficult to fill that appointment and recover that income. 

If you have any questions feel free to visit the policy section on our website or email us at Thank you for your continued support and understanding.