New bundle deals, Daneson Toothpicks and more!

We've got some excellent new products in the shop and are currently offering some awesome deals when you bundle them with another complementary (and equally cool) item! 

The first deal up is this perfect duo from Daneson and The James Brand. When you purchase The Randolph keychain capsule, you'll receive a free bottle of Daneson toothpicks in the flavor of your choosing. Just enter the code 'FREEPICKS' at checkout or mention the deal in store to get your new favorite after-dinner accessory. 

Click here to shop the deal. 

Our other dynamite deal is the absolute perfect incense package. Featuring the shop favorite incense from Persons Of Interest, the Press Vessel from Craighill and their new brass incense burner. If you purchase a tin of the incense and the burner as a 2 pack, you'll receive $7 off of the kit (use code 'INCENSE2' at online checkout). If you decide to go all out and add the beautiful Press Vessel as a stylish and sturdy container for your incense, you'll receive $15 off of the 3 piece bundle (use code 'INCENSE3' at online checkout). 

Click here to shop incense and build your kit.