Holiday Gift Guide

As mentioned in the previous post, it's time to start thinking about gifts if you haven't already. It can be a stressful event to try and find the right gift for the folks around you and we're here to help. 

From great smells to home goods to an upgraded shave, we've got a bevy of options to check off the gift list with some unexpected and thoughtful items. 

Out of the gate we've got a kit of great shaving essentials from Murdock and Parker. We're a business built on men's grooming and what's a better way start to that journey than a great shave? 

Next up is a set featuring the extremely popular Rosemary Mint line from Aveda. This smell is beyond pleasant and makes anyone or any space smell fresh and alive. In this kit you've got the classic bath bar, the hand and body wash and the soy wax candle so you can smell the fragrance any time and anywhere. 

Here we've got a dynamite beard kit featuring some true shop staples. Each of the featured products from Murdock is used in every one of our Royal Beard Shaping services to cleanse and condition even the most unruly beards. We finish with the moisturizer to keep it soft throughout the day and no beard can be its best without a great boar's hair brush (this one being from Parker). 

Maybe the person your shopping for has been looking to do a little better with skin care or just upgrade from the big box options they've been stuck with. This set from Daimon Barber gives you the essentials with their excellent Face Wash and Moisturizer along with their killer Eye Formula to add some extra tlc to the routine. 

These are just a few options that we have in store if you're looking to put together a great gift for a friend, family member, significant other or just treat yourself to something nice. 

Click on the photos above to shop the collections or click the button below to shop our full website.