All Things Skin Care

Here at Rosemont, our completely unofficial and never agreed-upon saying is 'always be learnin' and we take it very seriously. We also feel the need to project that same passion for knowledge onto you, our valued clients.

We love making you look and feel your best with your favorite service, and we think it's important that you feel that way as often as possible. That said, we want to start putting more of our energy into giving you the knowledge to provide yourself with the same care and attention at home, and right now we think that everyone should be giving more of that attention to their skin.

Skin care, particularly facial skin care for men has been damn near non-existent until the last decade or so. You can attribute that to a number of different reasons, the primary being that it was never seen as a particularly ‘masculine’ practice, which we now realize is absolute horse shit. We should ALL be taking care of our skin, and unfortunately that crooked old view of skin care still persists which leaves us with men who have little to no knowledge of how and why they should be taking care of their skin. Well, it’s high time for that to change and we’re here to help.